Sunday, 20 March 2016

Stained glass windows

We are wrapping up our work on The Hunchback of Notre Dame today. (We finished the book) and started on our learning tasks. We finished our gargoyles and also attempted a perspective drawing of a dungeon staircase which turned out well. On Wednesday we will watch the Disney movie and complete a timeline on the story. We will also have a big end of term maths test to complete.

We are also going to make some stained glass windows. There are templates of the real stained glass windows of Notre Dame but they are way too complicated. I have some commercially produced templates ( refer below) but I also designed one of my own including the bell, Quasimodo and the outline of the cathedral. I think the kids should be able to handle cutting that out. Tomorrow we have our excursion to Melbourne Museum to see an IMAX 3D movie on dinosaurs and to visit the Jurrasic World exhibition at the museum.

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