Monday, 24 October 2016


Emergency Preparedness and Response Training
Novotel Geelong
October 25th 

Reviewing EMP, and risk assessments.
OHS Audits a possibility. Documentation essential.
Emergency defined as something that totally disrupts the school.
( ie bushfire, flood, severe weather etc)
Table discussion about responding to a severe weather warning and the importance of BOM site and local knowledge. Also checking in with the SES.
Important to use the student activity locator when going on excursions.
Discussed incident management teams and the need for ' a shelter in place'.
Need to consider being part of the global community.
Watched a video featuring principal Susan Ogden from Dandenong High about a bomb threat she received at the start of the year when there was a spate of bomb threats ( 92 schools got threats effecting 36000 students)The bomb threat section of the EMP has been modified given the bomb threats made earlier this year.
Our main classroom is regarded as our designated 'shelter in place'.( Last resort if we can't evacuate but first resort in bad weather) Grass fire might be a big concern this summer. Remaining inside is the best option for us.
Discussed the Risk assessment aspect of the EMP.
Discussed the role of the IMT ( Incident Management Team)
When reviewing our EMP over the Christmas break we need to update our IMT roles and determine risk assessment, update emergency kits, communicate clearly with parents what we intend to do regarding evacuation and closure.
Communicate with local government about off-site evacuation.
These sessions would be more productive if they were undertaken for like schools with like issues. A lot of what was talked about today was for me impractical or irrelevant.

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