Thursday, 31 August 2017

Railing to be finished today

A lot was completed yesterday. It should be finished by lunchtime.
Busy day around the school today with trees being trimmed in preparation....apparently for some roadwidening!
Making a sample picnic hamper

From the new playground 

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Swimming #6

Cold wind but s bit of sunshine today
We are supposed to get our railings done today. Nearly a month! Poor effort. We left for swimming at 10 and they're still not there!
Working on strokes and breathing
Finished pop-up Toad Halls.
Making Father's Day money boxes
The railing guy arrived after lunch and has started.
Looks like they're going to put this bit of metal between the shelter shed doors to make it 'fire proof' .... and make it harder to get things in and out of there!

It is stupid to constantly cut funding to education

Today Education Minister Simon Birmingham will give a speech in effect telling the higher education sector that he’s the Terminator. He’s just going to keep on coming after universities in an effort to cut their funding. And nothing is going to stop him.
Check out Bernard Keene's great story in Crickey.
And here's Minister Birmingham telling uni bosses to apply to terminate ALL the collective agreements. Disgraceful!
.....and of course Tony Abbott warns teaching more indigenous history in primary schools would be a “capitulation to the Left”

No vote on SSM gets grubby....who would have thought?

And this.....
Terry Pratchett's harddrive containing 10 unfinished novels crushed by a steam roller as per his will.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Jack Kirby


Busy Tuesday

Playing with our space toys after reading Meg on the Moon.
Completed canal barges. These were hard to make.
Painting Ratty
Making a Miss Polly big book. 
Looks like next door is going to plant some potatoes this year.