Thursday, 28 November 2013

Story maps

Today we created story maps for Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. They consisted of images from various editions of the story. The kids wrote captions for the images and then they added a world map and marked in Nemo's course. Using an iPad app we measured the route and then converted it to leagues.( We didn't get 20 000. I guess Fourteen thousand five hundred and ninety two Leagues Under the Sea doesn't have the right ring to it) We also completed a jumbo crossword I created pre-Internet. It worked well. I remember how time consuming they were to make by hand instead of using Discovery Puzzlemaker.
My early years students created their own readers using water color images I made of the illustrations from Eric Carle's 'The Tiny Seed' We also toured outside looking for bare patches in the lawn and sowed some grass seeds of our own. They also put together their polka-dot donkeys inspired by another Eric Carle story ( the Artist who Painted a Blue Horse) which look terrific. The grade 3s have been doing work on Alice in Wonderland ( They are planning a Mad Hatters tea party on Monday) and Monsters Inc (A photo of their monster models below)
Next door is busy rolling and wrapping up his grass as feed. ( photo from our back fence below)

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