Friday, 1 November 2013

Bird lovers Update

Yes, it's time to update you on bird life around Glen Park Primary School! I popped up this morning ( A lovely sunny spring Saturday. refer photo ) to prepare for a student teacher who is starting for a month on Monday and to prepare and organise resources for a 'twist' in our current theme from classic science fiction to more modern science fiction stories. ( refer to a previous post) I also want to experiment with a few ideas I picked up at the PD I did yesterday.
We seem to have adopted a pair of ducks and their baby. I disturbed them and they waddled off. ( refer photo) There are quite a few water birds around the school and the paddocks next door. I also encountered a young magpie and his feisty parent.( the chick was trying to perch on a tree stump and his mum was yelling at him) there are a lot of magpies around at the moment. They get quite territorial this time of the year and I'll have to be careful walking across the road to get the mail.

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