Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Finished Projects

The kids finished their restaurant projects today. My grade 6 boy also created a web page for his restaurant. ( Some of the grade 5s are also trying it with his help) He also created a QR code so you could use our iPad QR reader app to access the web page. ( Refer photos of the display board)
Two of my early years students also made their own readers for the John Burningham book 'The Shopping Basket' ( Refer to the photo below)
I have been finding little fragments of blue linen around the grounds over the last few days. I did't realise our flag was as tattered as it is. I'll have to arrange a new one. (Refer photos)
After work today I met up with my Andrew Harrison principal at Pentland to discuss progress on our review. ( mid-cycle review) A new review process starts next year so we are finishing off what we started until then.
Pentland's data looks really good. Andrew should be very proud of the work he has put in at Pentland since he started there. After our meeting we attended the November meeting of the Moorabool Network. ( I was elected 'assistant Secretary' which means I fill in for the secretary if he misses a meeting.
Our conference is in December and I'm looking forward to it. ( Photo below of the Gordon Hotel where we hold our meetings, it is a central location for us.)

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