Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Japanese Challenge

This year is the 12th year of the Japanese Challenge poster competition for children in the Ballarat area who are learning Japanese as a second language. Three of our students are eligible for the completion but all of them will have their work on display in the Ballarat Library for a week from Sunday. 
This year's theme is anime. 
Below are some photos of the kids working on their posters. I'll take some photos of them on display next week. They look great.
A big thank you to sensei Simone.

Finished Northern Lights display table.
We're half way through the book now and it's very good. I want to keep reading it and find out what happens next.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

They did what????

An increasing number of high school students with anxiety and concentration issues are being classified as 'disabled' and are given special provisions for their HSC exams.
Data from the NSW Board of Studies shows that private schools are more likely to apply for special 'disability provisions' to give students rest breaks during their final high school exams. 
More than 3,700 students were granted rest breaks during the HSC last year for 'demonstrated pain, anxiety disorder or concentration issues'. 

Private schools are more likely to apply for special 'disability provisions' to give students with anxiety and concentration issues rest breaks during their HSC exams, data shows

Private schools applied for disability provisions for 13.2 per cent of their students, while 8 per cent were approved in state schools. 
One in three students at Sydney's prestigious St Andrew's Cathedral School were granted disability provisions for the 2015 HSC exams.

According to my daughter this also happens in Victoria. She knows of friends in private school who will apply for 'special consideration' for their VCE exams this year. One because she might get a nose bleed!
Only one of her contemporaries at her state high applied last year and that was because she was dyslexic. That meant she had a little extra time.

Northern Lights display

Lovely sunny winter day today at Glen Park!

I finished the Northern Lights display today. We read 3 chapters today. I'm finding it hard to stop reading. I want to find out what's going to happen next!

My grade 3 student is starting work on Heidi after reading s picture story book version. She is reading an abridged version in novel form for fun! Below is s sequencing activity.
My grade 2 girl finished her house from Millions of Cats.
Our new sign ( thanks Matt st MacIntosh signs) went up today and looks great!
Ballarat Railway Station and surrounds on a sunny winter day.

Old school social media

Monday, 22 August 2016

'The Bookworm'

A list of the worlds most beautiful libraries
Number 1 is Trinity College Library in Ireland.
Amazing library cake!

N.C. Wyeth and Kidnapped.

Whenever I think of Kidnapped I think of the sensational art work of NC Wyeth.

Born on October 22, 1882, in Needham, Massachusetts, N.C. Wyeth studied under Howard Pyle to develop his craft as a painter/illustrator. He earned acclaim for the art he provided for Scribner’s Illustrated Classics book series, with titles like KIdnapped and Robinson Crusoe. He lived for an extensive time in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, where he was killed in a train crash on October 19, 
I love this picture of the assassin ( Alan?) fleeing the scene of his crime.
This is my favourite with Alan and Davie defending the roundhouse. Note the look of desperation on Alan's face.

Winter around the lake

A few photos from around Lake Wendouree today

We finished Kidnapped today. Great to read about Davie finally getting the best of his evil old Uncle Ebenezer.
We will start on our models of the Covenant and will begin our dark tower perspective picture this week.
We will Also be starting a maths theme on money so we will be going to the Gold Museum and watch a gold pour at Sovereign Hill on Thursday.

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