Monday, 30 November 2015

Contact with a famous illustrator

I posted previously about finding a copy of Bush Bandits and creating a literature unit for it for next year. recently I emailed the illustrator and got a terrific reply.
Read below:

Dear Tony,

Thank you for sending me a copy of the The Bush Bandits unit. I am very impressed by it and am moved that you and the students enjoyed the book so much.
It looks like you have put in a lot of effort into the unit with all of the different activities. You did a good job with the illustrations as well.
I was 19 when I did the illustrations myself and i did work with Betty on the book, I think I met her in Sydney at the time.
I appreciate the blurb you wrote on me too. 
I still have a copy of The Min Min, it won children's book of the year that year.
I am still drawing when the need arises such as for portraits etc.
I would love to stay in touch in regards to any future developments. You sound like you really appreciate and have a sound knowledge of Australian literature and that is quite refreshing.


Genevieve Rees

On 27/11/2015, at 9:38 PM, Shaw, Anthony N wrote:
Hi Genevieve
Find attached a copy of my literature unit for grade 5-6 of The Bush Bandits.
I enjoyed reading it. It is certainly a ‘period piece’ (with references to the Opera House Lottery and the Thorne Kidnapping and the lingo of some of the characters)
Boland was an interesting character (quite a life!) Did you work with her on the illustrations or did you work separately from each other? Forgive my feeble attempts to copy your work, for copyright reasons its best not to use too much original text and I prefer not to attempt my own illustrations rather than use those in the book. I did use the cover art work but only to help people who might go looking for the book.A lot of these books are finding new life through Australian publishers. (I use They Found a Cave last year. It had been re-issued and so have a few of Colin Thiele’s books)
I went to a church book sale last week and found  a copy of The Min Min but no illustrations in it and no acknowledgement of the cover artist. I will read The Bush Bandits as a serial and we will work on it as part of an Australian theme that I start the year with, I might add the Min Min too.
I hope you are fit and well and enjoying your art.
Best wishes Tony Shaw
Principal Glen Park Primary school
From: Genevieve Rees 
Sent: Monday, 19 October 2015
To: Shaw, Anthony N
Subject: Bush Bandits Illustrations

Dear Anthony,

Thank you for your email. In response to your question, I am the illustrator of Betty Roland's Bush Bandits.
My maiden name is Melrose. 
Do you have an interest in the illustrations?
If you want to ask any questions about this then feel free to email me.

Genevieve Rees

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