Monday, 30 November 2015

Cemetery visit

In Doll Bones, three children are on a quest to return a haunted doll to the grave of its owner (Or is the owner trapped in the doll? We're up to chapter 12 so we will find out soon!)
Today I took the grade 5s to the old Ballarat Cemetery to look up old relatives ( no luck there) and to also go for an explore.( Like Coraline) We found the 2 Eureka Rebellion monuments ( to the miners and the soldiers) and we also explored the Chinese and Jewish sections. 
We discussed and back at school researched, the monuments placed on graves: angles, columns, open books etc. ( predominantly we saw shrouded urns which apparently symbolise immortality) 
We found a few prominate early settlers and lots of diggers and sadly dead babies and infants.
We spent some time researching, sketching and taking photos with our iPads.
When we got back to school we created a collage about our visit.
Through the gates.

The Miners monument.

Temple in the Chinese section.

'Lost lamb' a child's grave.
The shrouded urn, a popular monument in the cemetery.

The kids played around with some of their photos on their iPads when they got back to school.
Ghost photo.

Ahhhhh trapped in the cemetery!

Our collages.

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