Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Postcard from the 'other' world from Coraline.

Create 2 identical sized rectangles postcard size
On one type/ write a message from Coraline to her real mother about the other mother and her world.
Draw the garden using oil pastels.
Use black card or tissue paper ( warning: very fiddly to cut) to make the shadow of the porch.
Glue together picture and message and laminate.

We also finished our pop up scenes for Coraline and they turned out well.
One of my students is reading about Big Foot so we made a plaster cast of a footprint in the sandpit.
I was right about the strong winds bringing down a branch. this big one out the back was snapped off but is resting snug in its tree.

Coraline postcards finished and on display.

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