Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Making a sample helmet for Hades from Percy Jackson and the LightningThief.

Today I started making a sample of a Greek style helmet for Hades.
First you cut out the templates which will be part of the Percy Jackson unit I'm compiling
Then use masking tape to put them together.
I will paper mâché it over the holidays and paint it so the kids have a completed model to study.

Fold the cardboard in half and cut around the edge to get 2 exact sides to the helmet.

Attaching the back and neck protection.

Side and front view. I will also add a skull to the front to make it look a bit more fierce!

Don't enlarge the template too much as it is a good size for your average child's head.
I will finish it off and post photos during the term break.
Below are examples of the shipwreck creative writing projects completed by the grade 2-3s this week.

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