Friday, 11 September 2015

Premier Andrews visits

Finished Story dials completed

After work at school this morning I attended a Labor Party forum attended by the Premier (photo below with our local member Sharon Knight.) I got the opportunity to remind him about the Auditor General's report on rural education and suggested the need for rural school specific policies in education but I don't think he understood. 
He said I'd be pleased with the new school budgets and other announcements soon ( next week apparently ) but they still believe in the trickle down approach ( what is good for Melbourne schools will eventually be good for rural schools which is of course not the case) He listened politely but doesn't understand. 
His wife is very nice and very hands on during the meeting.
I've sent my most recent discussion paper to Sharon and I'll also send it to the Federal opposition and state minister before the end of term. I don't think it will do any good though...sigh!

Interesting graphic about the child-abuse royal commission. Very disturbing.

Interesting story about how woeful 'school professional development' days are in English schools from the Guardian Teachers page ( I suggest you subscribe.)

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