Saturday, 19 September 2015

New Minister

The new Federal Ministry is being announced. Pyne has been 'promoted' out of education. "Christopher Pyne will be appointed Minister for industry, innovation and science." ( Minister for innovation?) 
The new education minister was also announced: "Senator Simon Birmingham will be appointed the Minister for Education and training." His dubious claim to fame is that he told a conference that "Good, big data is the source of good decision-making in the future." He was also a guest speaker at the 2015 Christian Schools National Policy Forum at Parliament House.
He voted for de-regulation of university fees and user pays higher learning and increasing indexation on HECS debt. He is no 'small l' liberal and pain will continue to be felt in public education. I can't see any reversal to their decision about slashing funds to public education and fulfilling their broken Gonski promises.

First day of my holidays
I plan to spend 3-4 days at work these holidays. I have planned the first month back but I have a bit of admin to do including getting my head around the 'Framework for Improving Student Outcomes' It was a lovely spring day in Ballarat today and I took a few photos around the lake.

Another grim story from The Guardian Teachers page  ( From the Secret Teacher)

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