Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Embarrassing Back-down

In a huge slap in the face to Pyne and Abbott, The government has dropped its plan to allow universities to set their own fees from next year, and will go back to the drawing board on higher education reform.

Any changes to university fees will now come into effect in 2017 at the earliest, after the next federal election.
With only three months left in 2015, it is necessary to give both universities and students certainty about what the higher education funding arrangements for 2016 will be," Senator Birmingham will say in a speech leaked by him to the media to the University of Melbourne. ( Labor has been saying since the bill was kicked out of the senate last time that the higher education sector now needed certainty not just another attempt to bludgeon through the old legislation) This is a major win for the cross benchers in the senate who held firm and to Labor, Senator Carr.
Now it is up to Labor and the cross-benches to maintain the pressure on this government, highlight their lies prior to the last election and promote Labor's policy for higher education.This is just a delay( a big one but a delay nonetheless) it is important to continue to highlight this bad (sleeping) legislation which they might reintroduce if they get a friendly senate.

...........and despite this, our universities are still world class

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