Saturday, 1 March 2014

Shocked Face Painting

I popped up to school this morning to do my usual 5 hour shift on a Saturday morning. This week we're going to continue reading Paul Jennings short stories. We're about half way through Uncanny. We are also going to start profiling Oceania. I don't think enough emphasis is placed on studying our nearest neighbours. With global warming a reality, the plight of our island friends, especially in low lying islands will become an important issue for all of us to deal with ( how will our governments cope with an influx of environmental refugees? Hopefully with more compassion than those fleeing wars and persecution from Asia and the Middle East)
I have a few creative tasks to complete during this theme. One is for the children to write a Paul Jennings style 'quirky tale' another is to design a creative book cover ( similar to the fantastic designs used on various editions of Jenning's books) and another is a 'shocked face' portrait. ( An idea adapted from Pinterest ) I made one of my own this afternoon.( Photo below) 
The children will take a 'selfie' ( they love doing that) and use it to draw a self portrait ( looking up, with a shocked look on their faces) they'll then 'dab' on water color paint on what would be their hairline and then using a straw 'blow' the paint out to resemble hair standing on end.
We'll see how it goes.

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