Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A Koala Visits

I popped across the road to get the mail today and as I walked back through the gate what should I see on the ground staring up at me but a koala!
I was only telling someone the other day that it is probably 10 years since I've seen a koala at school and there was one right in front of me. 
I told him not to go anywhere while I dashed inside for my iPad. When I got back I couldn't find him but I glanced around and there he was up in a tree of course where he is safe. ( Our area- Glen Park is a koala habitat but I've been concerned that tree cleaning by farmers, house construction and feral dogs and foxes might have spelt the end of koalas visiting our school.)
I took a few photos and got the kids to come out in small groups to also take photos. We then left him alone to have a sleep. ( Like teenagers they sleep a lot during the day) When we came out at lunchtime he was gone. After school when everything was quiet one of my observant grade 6 girls spotted her up a gum tree at the front of the school.
I hope he decides to hang around for a while.

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