Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Giving blood

Stunning sunny Autumn morning
Today was my second visit to the Ballarat Red Cross centre to donate blood. A very simple task- It took about 20 minutes ( giving the blood only took 6 minutes!) I would recommend it to all healthy people who want to help all those who rely on blood products.
( photo below)

One of my students somehow stood on a section of wooden skewer that escaped being vacuumed up after we used them in art about a month ago. She stood on it and it went into her foot and she was in a lot of pain.( according to mum-it went in by about an inch) She is a very tough girl! dad came and picked her up and it was removed at hospital. Mum says she'll be back tomorrow! 
Students studying the Magic Fish completed a crayon resist fish today. ( I gave them the materials and ran through what I wanted them to do and left them with it. It was a reality check for me because they didn't know what they were doing and colored it all in with wax crayons.) We went back to the drawing board and did it again this time with patterns which looked great after the colored wash was put on them. ( refer pictures below)

We started our Paul Jennings inspired 'trapped down the pit' pictures today. Some of them are nearly finished and they look really good. I thought we might also make some 3D collage pictures. I'll work on a prototype along with my bicycle/map picture...mark 2. I also thought we might do a 'reverse angle' trapped picture. I'll work on that tonight.

We should be finished Paul Jennings by Friday. The kids have until then to have their narrative 'Paul Jennings' stories finished. We had our 2 new PSTs visit today (A big thanks to them as they were a big help when I was providing first aid and comfort) and they start next week. Their mentor from Federation University is mum to our grade 6 boy from last year. It was great to hear about how well he is doing in secondary school this year.

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