Friday, 28 March 2014

Improvised Play

RMIT ( Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) released a two year study looking into children's engagement in the playground and play activities. They studied 2 schools, one of them being a large private school in Ballarat and found that children playing with 'household' items are more active and this type of play promoted their creativity more than traditional playgrounds. ( ABC online March 9th)

Hardly earth shattering stuff!
The author of the study, Professor Hyndman said ( in regards to his observations at the big private school that has a playground full of household junk )"students began building their own structures using the objects, with the range of items forcing them to negotiate, share and collaborate. It was incredible to see those types of behaviours" 
Incredible indeed!
Children in small rural schools have been doing that since the dawn of time!
The kids at Glen Park always had loads of fun during 'cubby season'.That time of the year when they started building cubbys out of whatever they could find. ( It has been a lean season or two recently as I had to clear up a lot of branches and sticks during fire season.) They've always enjoyed playing with whatever they could find or improvise with.( They also enjoy playing on our playground. I think a combination of both is ideal) 
Below are some photos of the kids indulging in 'improvised play' in the school grounds today.

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