Sunday, 30 March 2014

Photos around Glen Park

On Sunday I drove my daughter around town while she took photos for a high school photography project she has. We drove around Glen Park while she took 'artistic' photos, meanwhile I took a few snaps with my iPad. 
Below are some of those photos. They include some old derelict farm houses( one is being restored) some flowers which popped up in the middle of nowhere, ( Possibly they were part of a garden for a long gone house. There were lots of little shacks and farms around here before the big potato growers bought everything up. Sometimes you'll see a random rose bush or an apple tree indicating where a house once was.) a sign warning about fox bait, a nearby hillside and a bush track near the school.
( Also a sunrise photo at school this morning)

This morning my grade 2 boy and grade 1 girl finished their pop- up story for The Fox and the Grapes. my grade 6 kids finished their 'bike outline on map' pictures with mixed results.

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