Friday, 28 March 2014

My School Needs

My union ( The AEU) has just launched its ' My School Needs' campaign to ensure that our public state schools have the resources they need to provide a high quality, accessible education for every child regardless of their socio- economic background, whether they are city or rural or able/disabled.
We have an election in Victoria in November and the AEU is determined to make education the number one priority for voters.
Currently Victorian schools receive $1881 less per student than the national average. We need our state government, which has ripped millions out of public education since it was elected to now start to invest heavily in public education ( especially given the Commonwealth's reluctance to live up to its Gonski promises) . An investment in schools now is an investment in our states future.
The other day, I took the pledge ( refer photo below) to put education first. 
Ballarat has two marginal electorates going to the polls later this year and I'll do everything I can to enhance the profile of state school education through my blog and AEU endorsed industrial campaigns and I encourage any state government teachers who read this blog to visit the AEU web page and also take the pledge!
At no time in my memory as a state school teacher ( nearly 30 years) has public education been both neglected and attacked at a state and federal level as it is now. I suggest you read an article by Ken Boston in the latest edition of the 'AEU News' magazine entitled 'Gonski: What's at Risk' to get an idea of the pressure state education is currently under.

On a lighter note. I was up at school this morning preparing for the week ahead and noticed how our oval, after recent rain is stating to green up. It is amazing what Autumn rain and good quality grass, recently sowed can do.

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