Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Art ideas

I'm currently experimenting with some art ideas for the current main literature unit and the next. I have introduced the trapped or 'pit' perspective pictures as art inspired by Paul Jenning's stories. refer to my sample picture below.

I'm also working on an idea I saw on Pinterest for a bicycle close up picture with a road map insert. 
I've got a a sample off Pinterst and photos of my prototype.( I'll finish it off tomorrow but I think I might try a different bike detail, maybe including the seat like in the image below or the pedals)

Tomorrow is a busy day with Heather coming to work in the office, Steve coming out to work on the computers ( for some reason 5 of our iPads have dropped off the network??) and 2 PSTs ( Pre service teachers) starting tomorrow. I also had a call from the mum of a potential enrolment for 2016 popping out for a visit on Thursday...and I'm giving blood tomorrow night as well.

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