Thursday, 20 March 2014

Kitchen Gardens

Another lovely sunny Autumn day at Glen Park

We had the second last kitchen garden PD this afternoon.
Julie Millar from Sebastapol PS ( Past principal at Yarra PS )
She started a kitchen garden at Yarra PS in 2007.( An inner city school that started up a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden)
Sebastopol has a ten week cooking program in her classroom which included all learning domains in an integrated approach.
in her cooking she wanted to emphasise team work, safety first, hygiene, establishing routines, problem solving, utilising literacy and numeracy and learning to cook everyday meals.
The children worked in groups ( 20 minute per group) with some cooking, completing a numeracy and a literacy activity related to cooking.( shopping maths using the supermarket docket) 
Julie did her cooking in a regular classroom using a hot plate and a frypan.
Our next session will be at Wendouree PS where they have a Stephanie Alexander garden.

We had a very busy day today. We completed our Aladdin Pictures which included marbling the background.They also created pen portraits of the main characters.

The Preps ( by popular demand) wanted to make the Magic Fish that the older kids made yesterday.

Grade 6 and 4 finished their 'down the pit' picture.

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