Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Demon Bike Rider

We've started reading The Demon Bike Rider. The children have started learning tasks including reading comprehension, creative writing ideas and a 3D 'haunted shack' model. The grade 4s have started reading Gulliver's Travels apps and will start reading tasks tomorrow.
Below is a picture of our Paul Jennings perspective pictures and one of my students reading a collection of their own Paul Jennings style short stories in a book we called 'Unfathomable'
( I keep leaving my laptop at school. So I'll put my Paul Jennings unit up during the week.)

Also below is a photo of my trusty Russell Hobbs coffee driperlator. It has served me well for I think the last 7-8 years. Sadly it has 'packed up' (worn out element I think.The coffee has been Luke warm lately) I looked at some new ones today. They're either mini espresso machines for $1000+ or flimsy plastic junk from K-Mart. I decided instead to buy something industrial strength ( like our laminator and book binder) from a catering business in town. It should last 20 years! 
We are also leasing a new photocopier.( on order) It will be color, connect up to the network (including our iPads) scan, answer email....maybe it could make coffee too? Anyway, photocopiers have come along way since I started teaching and we used a Getstetner duplicating machine.

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