Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Balmy weather

We are having an 'Indian Summer' at the moment. This morning next door ( potato farmer) had his big sprinkler at work. It slowly crept across the paddock at the back of the school during the day.
Today the kids finished danger scales for Gulliver's Travels and they started making their Gulliver's models. The grade 6 kids finished their Australian Island fact boxes and their Demon Bike Rider comic  (one used an iPad app but the others did it the old fashioned way.)

Yesterday I finished off my annual review with my RNL ( Regional Network Leader - although they have a different title than that nowadays) It was good to catch up with her. The review went well. I shared my successes with her ( dealing with a significant enrolment increase over the last 2 years and using the DailyBook app to provide daily ILIPs for all students) and I discussed challenges for the immediate future.( Providing LOTE in 2015 and starting up our kitchen garden) Julie is a bit worried about me being by myself for so long out at Glen Park but there isn't much that can be done about it. She is always welcome to visit but she has loads of extra work to do. ( the same as she had before plus more and for a region 3 times the size of our last region) 

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