Sunday, 20 April 2014

Ultranet RIP

the Age today is reporting that Ultranet has been turned off. ( It has been 'turned off' at Glen Park since the use of Ultranet was banned by the union during our overly protracted wages negotiation last year) The Ultranet was supposed to provide children with a one stop online learning portal as well as provide teachers with an opportunity to collaborate online and for students to set goals and get feedback online.
Sadly it was plagued with problems ( like MYKI, HealthSMART and LINK all tech disasters) and quickly became obsolete due to the introduction of iPads and schools adopting a bring your own device approach. It was also very clunky and slow and counter-intewative for teachers and students used to Microsoft products for nearly 20 years. The new government sacking Ultranet coaches also had an impact on its demise. 
The recent rain has had a fantastic impact on our lawns which looked very green and healthy today. 
I finished reading Captains Courageous by Rudyard Kipling today. If I use it when we finish Moby Dick, I'll need to locate an abridged version to read as a serial. it is an interesting book and. I can see why it was so successful.( I'll have to track down the Spencer Tracy movie) It reminded me a lot of Call of the Wild and Treasure Island.The transformation of the spoilt brat into the honourable young man may have had a real life sequel. Kipling was a rabid imperialist and when the First World War began he bullied his son ( who had poor vision like his father) into joining the army ( they had to visit numerous enlistment centres until they found one who would take him.) He went missing in action in1915. Kipling went to France to search for him but his body was never found. Did Kipling ever regret his 'tough love'? Biographers seem divided about that. Needless to say his writing never had the humor and tenderness of his pre1915 writing.

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