Monday, 14 April 2014

ANZAC Day unit (The Bombing of Darwin)

This is an ANZAC Day unit I created years ago based on the Japanese bombing of Darwin during World War Two. I last used this unit about 5 years ago. It is a good example of a unit of work that can be used around ANZAC Day about Australian military history but not about Gallipoli.( I also have units on Australian peacekeepers, HMAS Sydney and  Austtralia's military involvement in the Korean War.)  From memory it was a popular unit, especially the model building. I remember one student thought the plastic model paint was like water color and she started mixing the colors! 
Below is a little photo my mother used to own of her father in his airforce uniform. My family has a link to the Darwin raid as my grandfather served in the Royal Australian Air Force ( RAAF) in Darwin at the time.
His name was Alf Broughton but his RAAF mates called him 'Shorty'. He was part of the ground crew for 13th Squadron RAAF. It was based in Darwin in 1940 and equipped with Ansons and Hudsons. It took the full brunt of the Japanese air raids in 1942. It received the US Presidential Unit Citation for its work over Timor in 1942. Ex Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam joined the squadron in 1943. It took part in operations in the Pacific and Borneo toward the end of the war. It also served in Vietnam and is still in existence today as the 'City of Darwin' squadron.
The RAAF official website is:

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