Saturday, 19 April 2014

Stick Insect Haven

The old school building seems to be a haven for stick insects. I discovered a huge ( at least 20 cm long) stick insect on the wall of the old classroom while I was de- cobwebbing outside. ( Photo below) It is fantastic to see so many of them about.

I got a lot of admin finished today including getting some document evidence organised for the 2014-15 Principal Review. ( The Region just signed off on my last review and copies of it are tabled in the old classroom for parents to read if they like) The Education Department still hasn't completed the new Principal review format ( The new one is supposed to start in May) I have written about this before.
 ( refer Performance and Development posts) I don't have a lot of faith that they can deliver a user friendly effective review process in time. ( They postponed the new review process for ES - Education Support staff and maybe they should do likewise for teachers and principals until they can get it right.)
it remains to be seen.
While driving up to work this morning I took a photo of the interesting sign on display in Humffray Street. obviously there is a crime issue in Brown Hill. I also took a photo of work they are doing at Russell Square which is used for soccer. They have installed a watering system, re-turfed it and are putting up a new fence. 

I noticed that our vegetable garden from last year has popped up by itself after the recent rain ( lettuce, parsley and various herbs) 

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