Friday, 18 April 2014

Wintry day

Today was a wintry day with a cold breeze and a fair bit of rain. Being Good Friday all the stores were closed but every cafe seemed to be open. I took some pictures around the Lake on my way to school this morning and stopped off at Racers for a coffee. ( I'm not one of those who takes pictures of their meals so this is my first and last photo of a really nice cup of coffee I had today. ) 
Photos below from around Lake Wendouree.

White cockatoos having a meal.
A really great cup of coffee.(Even better than Cafe Europa!) 

I popped up to work today to do some cleaning and complete some admin. ( more to finish tomorrow) I got a 'stinging rebuke' from one of my parents having a go at me for planning to cook. 'Packet ANZAC biscuits' Ouch! She's right of course and she volunteered to come in and bake some biscuits from scratch this Thursday so I'll take her up on that. Thanks Emily.
On the way home this afternoon I parked near a big 1950s American car ( probably out for a long weekend drive) which literally took two parking spaces. WOW! They don't make them like this anymore.

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