Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Another day, another Auditor General Report

This time the Auditor General has released another disturbing report this time about Victoria's higher- education sector.In the Age yesterday ( Refer report called ' TAFE Funding in Crisis')
The Auditor General has found that seven out of 14 public TAFEs are in deficit including 2 that are in doubt as a going concern. ( Basically you can't rip $300 million out of TAFE and not expect serious repercussions) Government operating contributions in 2013 plunged 159% and capital funding fell by 36%. Victorian public schools and TAFE's are significantly under funded.
Retired Holmesglen TAFE chief executive Bruce MacKenzie predicted forced mergers and told The Age that 'It's just a recipe for a bad economic outcome for Victoria.' Some people claim that the government's promised $200 million over 4 years for innovation and 'structural reform' will in fact be used to fund mergers. 
The Opposition spokesperson, Nick Walling said " Communities right across Victoria have a deep interest in local TAFE providing skills for jobs and test it takes a leaked report for the public to see the damage inflicted by funding cuts" 
Hot on the heels of the Auditor General's report on the widening achievement gap between rural and metropolitan students this should be a big concern for rural TAFE colleges and the students who attend them.

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