Tuesday, 8 April 2014


I seem to have been up at work most of the holidays and I haven't even started work on the library and the mess in the art cupboard. I finished the Moby Dick unit ( I'll post that on TPT after I've used it. I don't post anything unless I road test it first) I think I'll follow that up with Captains Courageous and I know a few kids want me to do a unit on Harry Potter.
I was up at work for the first half of today taking delivery of a new photocopier.( the old one came to the end of its lease. We own that now) The new one is a color Nokia photocopier . It also scans directly onto student PCs. We should be able to print some things off our iPads. I'll have to look into how to use Drop Box or something similar so we can print from Pages off our iPads from the new copier. It will cost us about the same to run as the old one but it does so much more and the print quality is excellent.
Our landline hasn't been working and I've spent countless hours last week and on Monday- Tuesday with Optus, Telstra and DEECD trying to sort out who is responsible for fixing it! Needless to say, it ends up being us. - there's a surprise!
So I have organised someone to check out our phones during the first week back.In the meantime I have bought a mobile phone for the school. I got an iPhone 5C. I tested my wife's phone out up at school on the weekend, she has one and it worked ok.( Mine doesn't work at all. if I want to use it I have to walk across the road and call. I had to argue with Telstra etc in the rain from my mobile yesterday!) Now we'll have a phone I can use at school and on camps and excursions. I can also text parents ( reminders) and take photos with it. It has rained the last 2 days which is great.
Below is a photo of my tech guy, Steve with Daniel from Netlor installing it this morning.

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