Sunday, 13 April 2014

More Than Just Gallipoli

As well as popping up to do some work this morning I met up with some colleagues ( Peter Clifton from Magpie PS and Karolina Kuzmich from Little Bendigo PS. ) for lunch and a bit of a natter about things ( not all work talk but a fair bit of it- sadly an occupational hazard) After lunch I went for a walk around the ovals at Ballarat High School. There is a large housing development underway on the school fence line. They've already removed trees on the boundary and are digging away with heavy machinery. I took a few photos from around the grounds. (Below)

The Arch of Victory is nearby. there are lots of plaques around the base which record Australia's involvement in many conflicts since the Great War. The Arch was opened officially by the then Prince of Wales in the early 20s ( He went on to become King Edward 8th) and it functions as the gateway to the Ballarat Avenue of Honour. I noticed there was a plaque attached to commemorate the service of Australian Peacekeepers since 1947 and I assume an Afghanistan plaque will be added. ( a plaque recording battles Australian soldiers were involved in,in France is below)

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