Monday, 28 April 2014

First full week back

We had a busy day back for our first full week of term 2. I have a student teacher, Nichole from Swinburne starting today. 
Students had ANZAC day work to complete today. Below you can see our recruitment posters for the ANZACS ( They decided to make them funny, so they wrote about going to Turkey to play on the beach and having a holiday, one even mentioned having the opportunity to 'pick up nurses' and they wrote only in small print about the possibility of getting killed) and some made their own medals. ( see photos below) 

Those children working on fables are reading The Ant and the Dove and started working on their egg carton ants. 

It was busy across the road at the CFA shed today. the Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Kim Wells visited today to make some announcement about refurbishing CFA trucks. It would have been nice if they'd let us know. The kids would have liked to have checked out all the emergency services vehicles that were there. 
Wells used to be Treasurer in the Bailleau Government but was fairly ineffective and was dumped when Napthine became Premier. I'm not sure how he is in his new job but I'm going to a public meeting about the crisis in emergency services in Victoria tomorrow, so I'll find out.

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