Monday, 7 April 2014

More school funding disclosures

Independent schools have 60% more money on average to spend on students than public schools! The average income per student in Victorian public schools went backwards in 2012 - yes backwards!
Since 2009 the average income per student in independent schools rose by 21% compared to 10% for public schools and 20% for Catholic Schools.The findings come from an analysis of the My School website by the AEU. 
Independent schools keep peddling the discredited propaganda that the Gonski Funding model relied on false evidence and they ridiculously claim that Gonski funding would entrench disadvantage. That last claim is nonsense and it is important to add that public schools educate the vast majority of indigenous students, students with disabilities, students in remote rural settings, ( refer to a previous blog about the disadvantages faced by rural students) students with low socio- economic backgrounds and students with English as a second language.

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