Thursday, 24 April 2014

Finishing off ANZAC Day tasks

Today we finished off our ANZAC Day tasks. The grade 4s finished off their work on Gulliver's Travels by watching the Hallmark version which is quite good. Those who didn't complete their wreaths yesterday completed them today and we finished pictures of Australian soldiers.
One of my parents, Emily helped students to make ANZAC biscuits using her secret recipe? the kids loved them and there was enough for them to have 2 each.( The cooks got three)

ANZAC Day display including ANZAC wreaths.

One of my students watching the excellent ABC interactive program. 'Gallipoli The First Day'

Tonight I passed the Cenotaph on the way home and they had blocked off part of Sturt St. for the dawn service.Not far from the Cenotaph is a statue of local war hero Albert Coates ( below) He served in World War One and later became a neurosurgeon post war. in World War Two he volunteered to serve with the 8th Division in Malaya and was taken prisoner and served as a surgeon on the infamous Thai-Burma Railway where he saved hundreds of lives and was a mentor to the famous Weary Dunlop.

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