Thursday, 17 April 2014

Tidy Up

I popped up to school for the day today to do some re-organisation. I tidied up the library, managing to squeeze in all the new books I've bought late last year and so far this year. I will do a reorganisation of the picture story books and I still have a lot of non-fiction books to process ( Maybe a job for my student teacher next term?)
 I also had a big tidy up of our art cupboards. I've been just 'plonking' things in there for years and it has become jumbled. Below is a before and after photo.( Everything out to be reorganised and then put back in labelled boxes and the craft/ science table set up for next week.)

It was an unseasonably warm day today with a lot of post fire season burning off going on around the school. ( photo below) 

As I drove into town for lunch ( a luxury when I'm at school by myself) I stopped to check out all the clearing they've been doing around Spring's Creek ( Springs Road) I hope the clearing ( a bushfire precaution?) doesn't impact on wildlife that depend on fallen trees and undergrowth for their habitat. 
( Refer photos below)

Another busy day planned for tomorrow. Cleaning the classrooms and toilets and a bit of a tidy up outside. I also have a fair bit of admin to take care of.
( ANZAC biscuits we'll make next week)

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