Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Busy day

We had a very busy day today. It was very misty up at school this morning before the sun came out 
( refer photos below) 

My senior students are working on their ANZAC Day activities today. We built model planes ( A good lesson in patience, planning and reading instructions) and they did a pretty good job ( Photos below)

My grade 1/2 year students made cardboard ANZAC Day wreaths ( We wandered outside to look for mini pine cones ( we have pine trees along the side of Ralstons Road) but we didn't find much. ( I grabbed some chestnuts this afternoon that the grade 4s can add to theirs tomorrow) 

We also made anchor charts for fables today ( refer photo below)

The preps meanwhile have been studying the letter 'l' and made some impressive lady bugs. I'll read the 'Bad Tempered Ladybird' to them tomorrow and we have lion faces to make.
Tomorrow we are making ANZAC Day biscuits ( I got all the ingredients this afternoon Emily) We finished watching a Gallipoli documentary today and tomorrow the grade 4s will be watching Guliver's Travels ( just the first part of the story when he is in Lilliput) Next week grade 4 will be working on Stuart Little (and possibly some other EB White stories) and grade 6 will be working on Moby Dick.
Tomorrow will be a big day finishing off our ANZAC Day work. I'm glad this is a three day week because I'm a bit pooped.
Below is a photo of the ANZAC Day preparations on Sturt Street just in front of the Cenotaph. the crosses represent the local Ballarat people who served in the First World War.

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