Thursday, 4 February 2016


One of the parents spent some of her day off today tidying up our vegetable garden and did a great job. It looks a lot tidier.

Kids finished off their wildfire pictures and gum tree silhouettes today.

My grade 4 boy is working on Captain Congo at the moment. 
I tried to make a cardboard gorilla today as a sample for him.
Using a cardboard tube I sliced the top off on an angle for his head.
I sketched different parts of his body on thick cardboard and cut the out.

Using a glue gun, stapler and masking tape I stuck this on.
I used a lighter cardboard for arms and legs.

Tomorrow I'll paper mâché some of it to hide the masking tape and then paint it. 
Next week the student doing Captain Congo can have a go at making one himself.

Well done to one of our students who auditioned for a part in the new Sound of Music musical being staged in Melbourne this year. Out of literally thousands of hopefuls he got down to the last 6! Unfortunetly only 3 were chosen but what a fantastic effort. Ian very proud of his effort!

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