Monday, 15 February 2016

Reflection painting

Yesterday I started reading Spit McPhee which is set on the Murray River in the 1930s. I thought it might be a good idea to try our hand at painting a water reflection painting 
I did a sample this morning and we will have a go at them later in the week.
I used color diffusing paper. I folded it in half lengthwise.
I finger painted the sky with water color paint

I then sketched Spit's unusual house and used polka paint pens to paint its lurid colors. I also added some ghost gums
I then used wax crayons to color in the water and treesand water based felt pens to color in the reflection of the house.
I then used a blue water color wash to paint over it. I colored in the edge of the bank and glued down the house and trees adjacent to their reflection. I was happy with the finished product but might of added some clouds to the sky and used more of a zig zag pattern with the crayons.

My grade 4 and 3 working on their Emperor's New Groove masks.

The grade 6 kids finished their bush hideouts and bunyip holes.

I like that this one is up to its knees in the waterhole.

This afternoon I dropped off pamphlets down Janson Road and took a few pictures.
View from our classroom and Cockatoos on a gum tree opposite school.

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