Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Wildflower picture

Lovely sunny day....eventually today.

Just finished The Bush Bandits today. It was an interesting book. Written before the Sydney Opera House was finished, it featured a Sydney before container ships, huge urban expansion and still in the days of the White Australia Policy. 
It had a strong ecological message but there was still a patronising attitude to girls and aborigines. It was interesting to talk to the kids about the differences between Australia today and Australia in the 1960s.
Even the language is interesting ( characters were called nongs and drongos in the book, expressions not used much anymore.)

Today we made wildflower pictures.
First we found pictures of Australian windflowers that we could copy.
We sketched them including stems using wax crayons ( some experimented with oil pastels.)

Then we painted over our pictures with a water color wash.

Finally we added a frame and added a bow using colored ribbon.
I also added a label telling people what flowers are painted.
One of my students had her birthday today and her mum brought in a massive cake from The Cheesecake Shop.
Our corn is taking off and the rest of our garden looks much better than it did a few weeks ago after the rain we've had recently.

One of my students staying back behind at school to finish her painting.

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