Thursday, 18 February 2016

New fire safety regulations

Finished Emperors New Groove masks
Finished Australian wild flower reports

Our display board for our current theme. We will be starting our theme half way through next week so I'll need to get my new display board organised on the weekend.

Our display table. I think maybe a Bastille themed display table for the next theme.

This afternoon I had a briefing on the new arrangements for bush fire prone schools in our current fire season. The new arrangement gives schools the option to ask their regional director for permission to close during extreme fire danger days. 
It is not an option we would necessarily consider ( Emergency Services believe children could be safer in schools than spread out in dangerous bush land.) Although we would of course close on Code Red days.
I will be briefing school council on this at our next meeting.
Video conferencing at Regional Office run by Andrea Cox and involving principals from across the region.

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