Monday, 8 February 2016

North by Northwest

I'm Like in a scene from North by Northwest the school was buzzed by a very low flying crop dusting plane  today as it sprayed a potato crop nearby. We popped outside and the kids videoed it with their iPads.

My grade 4 boy finished his Captain Congo gorilla today and it looks great.
The grade 6 girls started their paper mâché models of the secret can and the Bunyip hole.

We also took delivery of the LAST piece of furniture to finish off our classroom. I've been waiting ages to find something like the reader train. It finally arrived and was instantly put to use.
My grade 6 kids will be finished The Bush Bandits at the end of this week. One of them completed a postcard today and did an excellent job.
The garden is looking great. Below, our first bean and the corn is starting to appear.

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