Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Phantom comic

Child sex- abuse hearings in Ballarat at the moment. 
The court house is decked out in ribbons this morning.
Yesterday an ex- principal from St Patrick's gave 'vague' evidence about turning a blind eye to complaints of abuse and evidence of savage beatings inflicted on boys. Bishop Mulkearns is due to give evidence via video link from his retirement home. Word on the street is that he either is or will pretend to be senile? I guess we will find out soon.
( http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-02-25/royal-commission-abuse-victims-confront-nuns-caring-for-bishop/7197812?WT.ac=localnews_ballarat
harrowing story about the girls from the Nazareth Girls Home)
Today the commission heard about the church giving a suspected peadophile priest a job running an orphanage! ( I kid you not!) Of course Cardinal Pell won't be showing up here in Ballarat, he will be giving evidence in Rome via video link as he combats accusations of abuse himself ( the Victorian police have been investigating him for the past year!)
The cows this morning seemed keen to get into our sand pit.

Playing cricket. I've been exhausted this week playing with the kids at lunchtime.

Our garden is getting lots of water and is looking very lush. The tomatoes smell fantastic.

My grade 4 boy is working on The Phantom.
He designed a front cover and did an excellent job and both of us made comic strips to include inside it.

After working on the Chinese version of Aladdin my grade 3 girl made a Chinese lantern.

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