Friday, 26 February 2016

Wishing them well

Well done Ballarat for giving the victims of Catholic Church sexual abuse a powerful farewell as they left for Rome to watch Cardinal Pell's testimony. Let's hope they can get front row seats and that those seats aren't occupied by a Vatican rent a crowd ( the local seminarians that were asked to attend.) 
Photo from Catherine Kings Facebook page.

I'm surprised by the way the people of Ballarat have got behind the victims of sexual abuse. It would be interesting to look into this phenomena ( why has Ballarat responded as it has and some other communities would still prefer to sweep it under the carpet?) maybe there's some academic at Federation University writing a thesis about it right now!
Meanwhile I stopped off on my way to work this morning and took some photos of the plethora of ribbons tied on the fence of St Patrick's.

There is more every day.
Check out this harrowing SBS news story:

Outside the Ballarat Law Courts this week

I prepared for next week by adding personal learning plans to individual student iPads and got art materials ready for our Three Musketeers unit. I won't have time for my big Insects science unit but I'll get it set up and ready to go first week back after our Easter break.
I'll post my Aussie literature theme on TPT next weekend. Meanwhile I finished the Three Musketeers unit today and should finish Ivanhoe next weekend.
I talked to School Council at our meeting last night about cutting our lunch break in half and finishing 30 minutes early. I'll also look into starting at 8:30 and finishing even earlier at 2:30? 
We have done this year's ago by cutting lunch and recess in half we used to finish at 2:45 over term 2 and 3 so that will be good to do again if every one agrees.
Before I left for lunch I gave our garden a thorough watering. Something is eating our carrot tops, I'm not sure what and our corn is looking the real deal I'f not a little short still.

Decimated carrot tops!

Strawberry flower.

Corn looking good!

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