Monday, 29 February 2016


Most of the grade 4-6 students have finished their Musketeer paper dolls today.
D'Atagnan and Milady.
Musketeer with great looking sword.
We also wrote letters of introduction for D'Artagnan and letters from D'Atagnan to his parents explaining what a mess he has made of his first trip to Paris. The intrigue of the story is just hotting up.We should be finished the novel by Friday and we will watch some of the movie. I think we will watch the 1970s version which I remember my sister taking me to see when I was in grade 6.

We also started sketching period prints of Musketeers like the ones we have seen online.

The grade 2s have only a handful of fables to finish and then we will start on folk tales and fairy tales.

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