Monday, 4 March 2013

Moorabool Network

Glen Park PS has been a member of the Moorabool Collegiate Group for the last 18 years. (Previously the Bungaree Cluster from the early 80s)This year our Collegiate Group has become the Moorabool Network- a change of name but still a group of small rural school leaders supporting each other and promoting the values and advantages of small rural school education.
The Moorabool Network held its first joint 'Networking Day' this afternoon. Teachers in our schools met together in small groups ( principals, specialist teachers, grade 3-4 teachers, grade 5-6 teachers, Early Years teachers, office staff and teacher aides) to 'meet and greet' and form informal networks where they can share ideas, expertise and resources.
Allan Peach, principal of Myrniong Primary School ( refer photos of the school and its lovely views) played host. We will organise networking days such as this once per term if the feedback from today is positive and possibly even a full day curriculum day later in the year.

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  1. Hi Tony, I follow your wife's blog and thought I'd check out yours... and what do I find... photos of my school, haha!!! Small world!!!!
    Natalie Dike.