Saturday, 9 March 2013

Two new units!

Click HERE to go to Gary Crew Author Profile on Teachers Pay Teachers
A unit plan and lesson ideas for some of award winning Australian author Gary Crew’s books including Gothic Hospital, The Castaways of the Charles Easton, The Kraken and Strange Objects. This material is available on TPT free of charge. I have written to Gary Crew about his work and he has always responded (more than I can say for some authors) It has been a few years since I have used Crew’s works with my students. (I have never taught the Strange Objects unit so I would love some feedback on it) I will be developing a unit for’ The Watertower’ this year and will also make that available on TPT.

Click HERE to go to The River Kings on Teachers Pay Teachers

Max Fatchen only passed away last year but he certainly lived a full and productive life.The River Kings is a rollicking adventure story set on a paddle steamer on the magnificent Murray River. I read this book after taking my students on camp to Echuca where we explored the restored waterfront and went on a cruise on a real steam powered paddle steamer.

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