Tuesday, 26 March 2013

School Sports

Well school athletics sports are over for another year.I' m pooped!
Glen Park is part of the Great Ranges Sports Group ( Formerly the Dean/Newlyn Sports Association) It includes Glen Park, Newlyn, Bullarto, Hepburn, Creswick North and Smeaton. it looked like there were about 150 kids there on the day.
It starts with the 800 m race in age groups and then field events. ( discus, shot, long and high jump) In the afternoon we do sprints and relays and finish off about 3:00 pm. It was a hot and sunny day today so I hope not too many children got sunburn. I made sure this year I had a hat and I bought some Banana Boat spray on 30+ sunscreen. ( I've learnt from past mistakes) I was in charge of a long jump pit this year for the 9-10 year olds which was much easier than the throwing circle. ( I'll have to make sure I do that again next year)
We had some organisational problems this morning, I'm not sure why and we always have an issue with some kids not practicing shot and discus properly at school. We'll need to complete a thorough de-brief before next years sports to 'iron out' the problems. I'll put together a survey for the kids and parents to complete which will help inform my feedback at the next Sports group meeting.The kids did very well. They were 'sporting' lots of ribbons and even did well in events we didn't practice ( 800m) or only practiced once ( high jump)
Two more days until Good Friday and our Autumn break. it has been a short term but I'm looking forward to some 'down time'. We will do a little bit of Easter work this year plus some craft and cooking.( The photo below is the Hepburn Oval before the sports started.I was there early to rake out and set out the long jump pits.)

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