Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Another big day

Another busy day today
We have a cool change breaking a record run of 30 degree days in Victoria this year.- global warming?
We have just started reading The Island of the Blue Dolphins and we're about a third of the way into it ( Her canoe is leaking so she has turned for home) One of the students pointed out some of the similarities between this book and Hatchet which we read last year. I didn't think of Hatchet as a companion book ( More so The Cay or Robinson Crusoe) We were reading about Karana feeling despair at her loneliness and that reminded us of Brian who also experienced similar feelings.
Anyway, I've tidied up my old unit plan and I'll add it to TPT ( With a link from the blog) tonight or tomorrow.
We also created some 'stain glass window' type sea creatures using commercially produced fish outlines with cellophane. They have completed a fantastic job at these and we'll take some home and put some up on our windows to 'catch' the afternoon sun.
This morning I took a photo of our local mulloch heap which I was told was from a 19th century tin mine ( or maybe gold?) There is a few of them in the local area. Glen Park has had a state school here since 1870 when compulsory, secular education became compulsory. In this area it was mainly mining and forestry. Farming (including orchards) started in the area after World War One. Although only a few kilometres out of Ballarat we are still a small rural community with a small school.
I have just finished a briefing at Regional Office on the induction of student teachers into our schools from the University of Ballarat. I had four excellent young teachers last year and am hoping that this years pre service teachers (PSTs) are just as good.

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