Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Trip to Hepburn

Hepburn Springs is about 40 km from Ballarat. I visited there today to help Glenda, the Principal of Hepburn Primary School to tidy up our athletics sports trailer. Our athletics sports are in 2 weeks time and today I took some of the kids to Little Bendigo PS to practice high jump ( We don't have high jump equipment at Glen Park) A big thanks to the staff there for letting us use their equipment. the kids did very well, easily jumping at their starting heights ( 60 cm for 9 year olds, 70 cm for 10 year olds, 80 cm for 11 year olds and 90 cm for 12+) I'll be taking 3 other kids there next week for more practice.
Hepburn Springs PS is under going a major re-build and it should look fantastic when it is all finished.
Hepburn Springs is regarded as the mineral springs capital of Victoria. (The mineral water is certainly an acquired taste.) but would look rudimentary compared to the mineral springs in spa towns in Europe.It was very popular in the 1920s and 30s when people from all over Australia would visit the area to 'take the waters'. It fell into disrepair in he 60s and 70s but has been undergoing a re-birth in popularity and the facilities have been rebuilt and landscaped. Daylesford is now a bustling town which caters for day trippers from Melbourne.
Flood damage last year has led to major repairs being undertaken there so my photos don't look too exciting. The best time I believe to visit Daylesford and Hepburn is during the height of Easter when both towns look fantastic.Photos include an image of Hepburn PS, the spa and a view of Daylesford.

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