Thursday, 11 February 2016

Finished Captain Congo

My grade 4 student has finished Captain Congo and will finish off the graphic novel theme with The Phantom (The ghost who walks....) 
Below is the Crocodile King and and Captain Congo himself.

The grade 2s finished work on Harry today
Below are photos of Harry by the Sea and a new jumper design for Harry after he got rid of his rose covered jumper. We also watched the Harry the Dirty Dog cartoon on the computer.

The grade 6 kids should have their models finished early next week. We finished The Bunyip Hole today and will start on Spit McPhee next week.
The Captain Congo and Harry the Dirty Dog will be on TPT this weekend.
I'm about 80% finished my Three Musketeers unit.

Five most typed words from academics. I though number 4 would have been higher up the list?

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